• The Past Few Days in Haiti

    I finally got the internet working at our house in Haiti. It only took about 25 phone calls to the same person until they finally sent someone out that could fix it. I can now update you on what has been going on here in Haiti, and it has been a really good few days.  […]
  • Traveling to Haiti

    When I wrote this, I was sitting in the airport getting ready to get on a plane to Haiti and then hopefully getting all the way to our house in Gressier. I have been to Haiti a few times lately, but I stayed in Port Au Prince because I did not want to put any […]
  • Parliament Dissolved, Continued Peace

    There is an update from this past Monday when Parliament was supposed to be dissolved.  The update is:  Parliament has been dissolved as of Tuesday at 12:01 am and the President now rules by decree. His first “decree” was that he would use the $10 million that would normally go to Parliament salaries to build […]
  • 2020 Vision Casting: Our Kids Part 1

    Over the next few weeks we want to do some vision casting for 2020 and beyond for all of the different aspects of All Things New. We already have some exciting news in the area of job creation that we will share in a few days. To start with, however, we want to vision cast […]
  • A Review of 2019

    I think that anyone associated with All Things New, or any other ministry in Haiti for that matter, would have to characterize 2019 as a year of difficulties. It was a year of political unrest for sure, but it was also much deeper than that. The political unrest caused fear and uneasiness all around the […]
  • Merry Christmas from All Things New!

    Have you ever noticed how there is still a sense of awe and wonder around Christmas? When you read about the birth of Jesus in the Gospels, there are all of these different events that come together that, if you really ponder them, they are hard to believe. Here are just a few of them: […]
  • Positive in the Midst of Crisis 2

    I mentioned about a week ago that there has been “relative calm” in Haiti for the past few weeks. While there are some politically important dates coming up and some potential for things to change, we are praying that the peace remains and that Haiti can get back to “normal.” At the same time, it […]
  • Positives in the Midst of Crisis 1

    Over the next couple of weeks, I want to highlight a few things that have been going on at All Things New that have been positive even in the midst of all of the turmoil in the country. I do not want to lessen the struggles that Haiti has gone through over the past year, […]
  • Relative Calm in Haiti?

    Many of you have been keeping up with All Things New and also with Haiti in general over the past 3 months of pretty extensive political unrest in the nation.  A lot of people, both with All Things New and people in general who love Haiti, have been praying for this unrest to stop and […]
  • Thank You for a Great Giving Tuesday!

    First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in Giving Tuesday this year for All Things New or for any other nonprofit.  It was a very important and successful day for the ministry of ATN, and we could not and would not be where we are without all of you!  The […]
  • Giving Tuesday!

    This is a reminder that tomorrow is Giving Tuesday and we would love for all of our supporters to participate in this day with us! Even if you cannot donate directly, you can participate by setting up a Facebook Fundraiser and inviting all of your friends to take part.  To setup a Giving Tuesday Facebook […]
  • The Financial Objection to Adoption

    A quick reminder!  Our picnic at Deerwood Country Club is this Sunday…Click Here for more info. While all of the objections to adoption that I mentioned in the previous blog are hard, the financial hurdle is the hardest.  Adoption is expensive no matter if you choose domestic or international.  The cost, at first glance, is […]