• The Dark Side of Haitian Orphanages Part 3

    My challenge to everyone reading this is to be careful who you give your money to. It is important to know what is happening on the ground at all times because it can be the difference between taking care of children or allowing children to be taken advantage of. It is so important to be equal parts giving and wise, and this is why we take every precaution with every donation we receive to make sure our kids and our employees are taken care of.
  • The Dark Side of Haitian Orphanages Part 2

    This story sets up the rest of this series about the dark side of Haitian orphanages. It is there and it is very prevalent. I wanted all of you to know that we have some experience in this. We got our kids out of a place that was terrible and into a place where they are loved and care for. To hear some of their stories from their old orphanage, and to know that the ones that they don't tell are much worse is a very difficult thing. But it is really important to talk about this side of orphan ministry and to do our best to make sure it does not happen to other kids.
  • The Dark Side of Orphanages in Haiti and Around the World

    Many orphanages in Haiti do not exist primarily to take care of children. In fact, many exist because morally corrupt men or women want to take advantage of the suffering of children and make money off of people who truly want to help.

    Unfortunately, the information above is more of an understatement than a mere statement of truth. I would venture to say that the vast majority of orphanages in Haiti are at the very least a means of exploitation for money and at the worst something much more evil than that and this applies to Haitian and American run orphanages alike. To take advantage of and to exploit children, no matter the purpose, is one of the worst things I can think of, and it is important to call out this practice when it exists.

  • How Has Covid-19 Changed ATN?

    The world is different. Some things have made us think and contemplate what "normal" means and how that term may change in the near future. Other things we are just waiting to be able to do again. I for one cannot wait to get back down to Haiti, hug our kids, visit my family in LaGrange, get our coding program started, go to a restaurant, take my wife out on a date, have a night away from my kids (no offense to my kids), and many many other things that I could list.
  • Technology and Covid-19

    Technology has saved us in a lot of ways. My hope is that when we do not need it to be as prevalent as it is right now, that we will take a step back and enjoy the good things about it while skipping over some of the negatives.
  • ATN Covid 19 Update

    We are so thankful for Lener and Gina and the way that they have taken care of the kids and the ministry in our absence. In fact, this weekend, the kids may be taking a trip to a plot of land that Raymond and Gina have purchased and sits abandoned. The kids could get there and back with no other human contact, but they will get to run around, play soccer, and eat mangoes. In case you were wondering, those 3 elements are the makings of a perfect day.

  • The Message of the Cross

    The truth is, if this were a counseling session rather than a blog, I could easily name aspects of my own life where my life would show the world that I believe the message of the Cross to be foolishness. There were probably always be these things in my life. But my prayer is that they would become less, that I would become less, and that Jesus living in me would become greater and greater and greater... 
  • How to Have an Eternal Perspective

    It does not make sense. Knowing what we know about ourselves and knowing what we know about GOD, it is one of the most illogical things we do as followers of Christ. Something happens and we think we have the skills and answers to get through it.
  • Haiti Covid-19 Update

    Our worries concerning Covid-19 are still the same. From the lack of a healthcare system to innumerable preexisting conditions in many Haitians to the lack of social distancing, we are still praying hard that the country is spared the worst of what could happen. 
  • Good Friday and the Cross of Christ

    The joy and the power of Sunday are awesome and incredible, but the humility and love of Christ on the Cross are so beautifully counterintuitive while at the same time a great example of what we are supposed to be as followers of Christ.
  • Easter in Haiti

    In the midst of a changing world where we cannot do our "traditional" Easter, let's do something better. Let's put all of our focus on Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection and let's see what kind of memories we can make and traditions we can begin.
  • Covid-19 Virus Update in Haiti

    Covid-19 has come to Haiti, but it is really difficult to ascertain how much of an effect it has already had or how bad it could possibly get. The only thing we can do for now is pray and then wait for reports from people on the ground in the midst of it.