• Gangs in Haiti Move North, Attack Cabaret

    Last week, I wrote about living each day to the fullest for GOD, and in that sense there is always a part of us that should consider every moment that we have is a blessing.

    For our friends in Cabaret, our brothers and sisters in Haiti, and our kids and employees at All Things New, that reality is how they live every single day.

  • Thank You, Prayer, and Positivity!

    I wanted to share a little bit about what is going on in the country without being too negative
  • ATN's 2022 In Review

    Gangs took control of the country, kidnapping for ransom was commonplace for Haitians and foreigners alike, schools opened only sporadically, thousands of peel in Port Au Prince were displaced, there is no functioning government, only a handful of elected officials, and no timetable for things to get better.
  • ATN Update!

    As you know, things in Haiti have been crazy. We have continued to keep you fairly updated on the goings-on in the country, but we have talked less...
  • What Is Really Happening in Haiti?

    At the same time, the more desperate people get, the more desperate things that they do
  • VBS Missions

    We would love the opportunity to pour into your children's ministry in that way if that is something that you are interested in
  • An Update On Our Kids

    They are truly amazing kids.
  • Planning For The Future

    But, how do you plan for the future when the present is complete chaos? How do you plan for the future when you can only get past the day with the resources you have? How do you plan for the future when nothing is guaranteed and everything around you seems to be in disarray?
  • Resiliency

    Resiliency is one of those words that, while it is a positive descriptive word for a person, it is an adjective gained through difficult circumstances. If you have ever heard someone say, "Don't pray for patience because GOD just might give it to you" then you know what I am talking about. There are some words that we believe to be positive, but we really want them to be used to describe other people. 
  • Our Kids Took A Trip!

    The truth is that the past few years have been really difficult. They have been difficult on our kids, on our employees, on our organization, and on our family as well. With all of the uncertainty in Haiti, the danger in Haiti, the difficulty of fundraising during Covid, and not being able to be physically present as much as we would like things are hard. The kids needed this and they had a lot of fun.
  • How Did Haiti End Up In This Mess?

    My friend Lener sent me a message yesterday that simply said, "Matt the life is very difficult in haiti without Jesus, only Jesus who can protect us. Please pray for us."
  • Normalcy in Haiti

    Thank you to everyone reading this that allows our kids some "normalcy." We definitely could not do it without you. At the same time, let's continue to do everything that we can so that every kid, in every country, including our own, can complain about how their food tastes and ask someone that they love for a new toy or a new pair of shoes.