• When Tragedy Strikes

    When Tragedy Strikes in Haiti...You Lose Everything...The End.

    Nobody has insurance. Most people's family and friends are as poor as they are. And the government is certainly not going to help anyone except for themselves and their own family.

    When tragedy strikes you lose everything, and make no mistake, tragedy is striking right now.

  • A Potential For More Political Unrest

    I say all of that to say that now that the Covid-19 fears in Haiti are subsiding and life is getting back to normal, there is a new social and political threat. Please join me in praying that it is nothing more than that...A threat.
  • Relative Calm in Haiti?

    Many of you have been keeping up with All Things New and also with Haiti in general over the past 3 months of pretty extensive political unrest in the nation.  A lot of people, both with All Things New and people in general who love Haiti, have been praying for this unrest to stop and […]
  • Please Continue Praying!

    Click the “Donate” button to give to ATN I feel like, lately, all we have shared in regards to Haiti has been negative.  From the gas prices to the school closings to the rioting in the streets, it feels like these things are the only things we are writing about and focusing on.  Honestly, what […]